Smile Habits OC

Learn how to keep your and your family's smile healthy and happy! Smile Habits OC is a resource for anyone who would like to know more about maintaining good oral health.

Infancy (0-11 months)

It starts with my very first tooth.

Early Childhood (1-5 years)

Help me develop good habits from the start.

School-Aged Children (6-13 years)

Protecting my permanent teeth is important to me.

Adolescents & Young Adults (14-20 years)

I need to take control of my oral health.

Adults (21-64 years)

My oral health is just as important as my overall health.

Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Oral health care and medical care go hand in hand.

Older Adults/Seniors (65+ years)

I want to keep my smile and natural teeth.

Individuals with Developmental Disabilities / Special Health Care Needs

I may need help for my best oral health.

Blogs and Local Oral Health News

November 2, 2020

Brush, Don’t Rush

Your child’s teeth play an important role every day. Teeth help them chew, tear, crush, and grind the foods they eat to grow healthy and strong. Their teeth, along with…
October 8, 2020

Smile, It’s Dental Hygiene Month!

October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Make sure your smile is at it's best by following a good oral hygiene routine such as brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing…
September 1, 2020

Back to School Smile

Pencils, notebooks, rulers, and erasers. It’s September and the start of a new school year for many scholars has begun. Giving your children the school supplies and the resources they…
August 3, 2020

Help with Dental Costs

A toothache or a cavity can be painful. It can make eating a tough task and affect your overall health. Some oral health problems can lead to costly dental treatment,…
July 6, 2020

Getting Back to Your Dental Care Visits

Dental care visits help keep our teeth and gums healthy. The dentist and his team provide you with dental exams and cleanings to help prevent tooth decay. Dental care visits…
June 1, 2020

Drink Water Instead of Sugary Beverages

There is a variety of drinks to choose from when you are thirsty, exercising, playing, or having a meal. Drinks such as soda, sweetened juices, or sports drink are usually…

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