Water is essential to help the body function properly. It helps regulate body temperature and helps lubricate joints and muscles. Water also helps the body absorb nutrients from food and it helps digest your food. Water is important for good overall health.

Drinking water every day is important to stay well hydrated. It helps us to cool off and quench our thirst after working outdoors, being in the sun, or exercising. Drinking water also has benefits that can help maintain good oral health. Here are a few reasons why drinking water can help you have a healthier smile.

Drinking water helps fight cavities

Cavities are formed when bacteria in our mouths feed on sugar and starches from food and beverages such as soda, cake, and candy. As a result, cavity-causing bacteria change these foods into acids. Overtime, these acids eat away at the tooth enamel, creating cavities. Below are ways drinking water can help fight cavities:

  • Water helps cleans your mouth with every sip. Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to prevent cavities. It washes away leftover food particles and sugar.
  • Water is sugar-free. Juice, soda or sports drinks can leave unwanted sugar behind on your teeth.
  • Drinking fluoridated tap water can help strengthen tooth enamel. Fluoride is nature’s cavity fighter. It helps make tooth enamel more resistant to cavities. Many public water systems contain fluoride in the amount needed to help reduce cavities. Click here for answers to common questions about water fluoridation. Visit the California Water Board to learn about your city’s water fluoride facts.

Drinking water helps ease dry mouth

Saliva production decreases as we age and with the use of certain medications. This condition is called dry mouth. Dry mouth can be uncomfortable and increase the risk of tooth decay. Below are some ways drinking water can help ease dry mouth:

  • Sipping water throughout the day can help stimulate saliva flow. Saliva helps keep your mouth moist and is the mouth’s primary defense against tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Drinking water helps maintain the health of the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. Certain medications can cause dry mouth. Drinking water helps increase moisture and lubrication in your mouth.
  • Staying hydrated can reduce dry mouth. Studies have found that dehydration may be a factor in dry mouth. Follow the tips below to help you drink water for good oral health.

Tips to drink water every day for good oral health

Here are some helpful tips to help you drink water throughout your day for a healthier smile!

  • Keep a refillable water bottle nearby. Take it with you on your daily travels and take frequent sips throughout the day.
  • Flavor your water. If you do not like the taste of plain water, add sliced fruit or cucumber for flavor.
  • Try having water with meals in place of sweetened drinks.
  • Start a water-drinking schedule. Drink a glass of water at the beginning of each hour.

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