In January 2018, Orange County received funding from the California Department of Public Health to establish a Local Oral Health Program.  This new funding was made possible by the enactment of Proposition 56, the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax of 2016 that levied an additional $2 tax on tobacco and tobacco products.

With guidance from State Oral Health Program, the Orange County Local Oral Health Program (OC-LOHP) is tasked with conducting activities at the local level that support the California Oral Health Plan (COHP), which aims to improve the oral health of all Californians.  The COHP identified 5 goals with corresponding strategies that address the complexity of oral health equity from population-based prevention interventions (including social determinants of health), dental health care delivery and payment systems alignment to the development of a surveillance system and key performance measurements.

The OC-LOHP, under the leadership of the Orange County Health Improvement Partnership, will be working with community partners and stakeholders to carry out 10 key objectives at the local level that support the COHP.   The LOHP will leverage existing programs, policies, best practices and environmental factors through coordination and expansion of strategies that increase accessibility and utilization of oral health services; heightened awareness of the importance of oral health as part of overall health; and a stronger oral health workforce just to name a few.

An OC Oral Health Collaborative or Advisory Committee was established and convenes every two months to inform, advise, assist, support and advocate for the mission and vision of the LOHP.

If you have any questions about the LOHP or would like more information regarding the Oral Health Collaborative or Advisory Committee, you may reach us by email at

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