Safety and Injury Prevention

Our adventurous and curious children will inevitably take a fall or two. As caregivers, all that you can do is prevent any severe injuries by proactively creating a safe playing environment. While at home, carpets and rugs can help soften falls. Also, be sure to place items that are small enough to fit in a child’s mouth, out of their reach.

Injured Gums

To minimize these chances of injury, supervise your children during play time and use soft toys. Avoid toys that are sharp or very small in size. Even with attempts to prevent injury, your child may still have instances where there is trauma to their mouth, either injuring their gums and/or cracking/prematurely losing a tooth.

If the gums begin to bleed from injury, hold a sterile wet gauze to their gums with steady pressure to stop the bleeding. Cover an icepack with a washcloth to hold to your child’s cheek to prevent severe swelling. Monitor your child’s health, be sure to keep an eye out for any pain, fever, and/or swelling of the gums. Once the situation is under control, call your dental provider for their professional opinion. The dental provider may request to bring your child to the dental office for an examination.